How to create membership and subscription in Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox?

Gridbox eCommerce allows you to create membership and subscriptions to sell online courses and control access to your content. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create Joomla membership and subscription in the Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox. 

Adding subscription

  1. In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Apps ➝ Store.
  2. Click on the button + Category to create a new category.
  3. Click the button Add New Item ➝ select the type Subscription.
  4. Fill in subscription details.

Basic subscription details

In the right sidebar add basic subscription details:

  • Intro Image
  • Product Title
  • Alias
  • Intro Text
  • Category
  • Tags

Pricing and inventory

In Pricing and Inventory group fields you can enter the following subscription details:

  • Regular Price (product price)
  • Sale Price (discount price that makes the so-called strikethrough prices or cross-out prices at the frontend)
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit - a unique identifier for each product)

Product badges

Click the button Add New Item to add the product badge. You can add multiple badges to the subscription. To reorder badges use drag and drop. See the documentation for more information:

Subscription settings

  • Subscription length - an option that sets the active period of the subscription (Hours, Days, Months, Years)
  • Subscription action - an option that sets one of the actions that becomes available to customers after purchasing a subscription:
    • Access to digital product(s)
    • Access to Joomla user group(s)
    • Access to digital product(s) and Joomla user group(s)

Adding digital products

Click the button Add New Item to add one or more digital products to the subscription. To reorder digital products use drag and drop. How to add digital products you’ll find in the documentation: 

Remove selected products from the storefront - an option that allows you to remove digital products added to the subscription from the storefront.

Renewal plans

Click the icon Add New Item to create one or more renewal plans with different renewal lengths and prices.

  • Renewal length - an option that sets the subscription renewal length (Hours, Days, Months, Years)

  • Send renewal reminder before the expiration - an option that sets the time for sending renewal reminder emails to customers (Hours, Days, Months, Years). How to set up email notifications, see the documentation 

  • Upgrade plans - an option that allows customers to change their subscription plans. Click the icon Add New Item to add one or more subscription plans

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