How to add options and variations in Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox?

Gridbox Store App allows you to choose options that suit products and customize each product variation. You can set prices, stock, and more for each product variation. This tutorial explains how to add options, extra product options and change variations in the Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox.

In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Apps ➝ Store ➝ Product Page ➝ Options and Variations ➝ Add New Item.

Adding options

Options - product options, e.g. color (red, green) and size (small, middle). By adding an option you add new product variations.


Add New Item

Adds product options (e.g. color, size).


Adds product values (e.g. red, green).


Adds a photo to the product option.


Moves items using drag & drop.


Deletes product options.

Managing variations

Variations - sets of available product variants with different values. For example, a product with options "Color" and "Size" might have the next combinations like:

  • red - small
  • red - middle
  • green - small
  • green - middle

You can manage price, sale price, SKU, and stock levels for each product variation.



Adds price to product variation.

Sale Price

Adds sale price to product variation.


Adds a stock-keeping unit (SKU).

In Stock

Adds the number of products in stock.

Adding extra options

Extra Options - additional product components or services with price fields that are added to the cart. 

Extra Options

Add New Item

Adds extra product options (e.g. product components or services).


Adds price to an extra product option.


Makes the extra option selected by default.


Adds extra option values (e.g. toppings, sauces).


Moves items using drag & drop.


Deletes extra product options.

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