How to add tracking info to store order in Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox?

Gridbox Store App provides an easy way to track orders. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add Order Tracking Info to your Joomla eCommerce for Gridbox.

Adding order tracking info

1. In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Store ➝ Orders.

2. Click on store order to view it.

3. Click the icon Add Tracking Info.

4. In the opened modal window fill in fields:

  • Tracking Carrier - the carrier name/delivery service that delivers the order
  • Tracking Number - number for reviewing shipping details that provide a carrier
  • Tracking URL - URL to the carrier's website page for tracking shipping details

5. Click the button Apply.

Adding order tracking info to email notifications

Use Data Tags to add order tracking info to email notifications.

  • We recommend adding order tracking info to the email notification type - Customer Notification: Order Completed.

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