How can clients use their customer accounts in Gridbox Store App?

Customer accounts in Gridbox Store App allow visitors to create and manage personal data and orders in your Joomla online shop. In Gridbox customer accounts, your registered site visitors can view order history, track order status, download and print invoices, and more.

See the documentation on how to display customer accounts in Gridbox eCommerce: 

  • Customer accounts are private pages. Customers can only view their own personal info​

Customer accounts

My orders

Provide order history and status tracking. Here customers can manage their orders and view order information. To view more detailed info, the user needs to click on the order. Also, the user can download and print the invoice.​

My wishlist

Allows customers to save products for later and manage the products in their wishlist on any other device.

My address book

Allows customers to manage contact info. All completed information from My address book is automatically added to the Checkout page when a customer places an order.

My profile

Allows customers to manage account settings: name, password, and email address.

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