How to set up discounts in Joomla booking based on Gridbox?

In this tutorial, we will focus on one of the key aspects of your business strategies — setting up discounts. The ability to provide discounts is not only an effective method of stimulating sales on Joomla booking but also an excellent way to attract new customers. We'll take you step-by-step through the process of setting up discounts on Joomla booking based on Gridbox, giving you the flexibility to manage prices and provide great deals to your clients.



Adds the name of the discount.

* This title displays in the Discounts tab in the Gridbox dashboard.


Sets the type of discount (Amount or Percentage).


Applies To

Sets where the discount will apply:

  • All Appointments - applies to all appointments
  • Category - applies to each appointment in the selected categories
  • Appointment - applies to specific appointments

* Click the icon Select and using the search field to choose categories or appointments that you want to set the discount.

Date Limitations

Start Date

Sets the start date of the discount.​

End Date

Sets the end date of the discount.​

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