How to add extra options to the Gridbox Booking System for Joomla?

Extra options allow you to tailor the Joomla booking site to the unique needs of your business. This tutorial will show you how to add extra options to the Gridbox Joomla Booking System. Add extra options to create a more flexible and customized booking system on your Joomla site.

Creating extra options

Extra options - additional service components with price fields that are added to the cart. Extra options allow you to add and customize your own options for services with different values. 

  1. In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Store ➝ Product Options.
  2. Click the button Add New Item.
  3. Add the option title.
  4. Select the option type.
  5. Click the icon Add New Item and enter the title.
  6. Click the icon Save.



Adds the title of a service option.


Sets option type to add and display values:

  • Dropdown - displays values as a dropdown list and allows select one value from multiple choices
  • Radio - displays values as radio buttons that let users choose only one option from a list
  • Checkbox - displays values as checkboxes that allow users to select one or more options
  • Color Picker - display values as a color
  • Image Picker - display values as an image
  • Tag - displays values as tags and allows select one value from several choices
  • Upload Files - allows customers to upload files, such as images, documents, or custom designs
  • Text Input - enables customers to enter text, such as names, initials, or messages
  • Text Area - provides a larger space for customers to enter more extensive text, such as a longer message or special instructions


Makes a service option required.


Add New Item

Adds a new value to service options.


Deletes selected values of service options.


Moves items using drag & drop.

Color Picker

Adds color to value. Click on the color icon and select the color you need using the color picker.

* Available only for the option type Color Picker.

Image Picker

Adds an image to value. Click on the image icon and select the image you need using the image picker.

* Available only for the option type Image Picker.

* Available only for the option type Upload Files

Allowed File Types

Specify the file formats that are allowed for upload. For example, you might specify common image formats like csv,doc,gif,ico,jpg,jpeg,pdf,png,txt,xls,svg,mp4,webp.

Max Upload File Size, KB

Define the maximum size a file can be when a user uploads it. For example, if the field is set to 500 KB, users cannot upload files larger than 500 kilobytes.

Drag and Drop File Uploading

Allows users to upload files by simply dragging them from their computer and dropping them onto a designated area.

Allow Multiple Files

Enables users to select and upload multiple files simultaneously.​

Max Number of Files

Allows you to set a limit on the maximum number of files a user can upload.​

Change Product Quantity

Allows to dynamically adjust the quantity of the service in the shopping cart based on the number of files uploaded.

Charge per File Upload

Allows you to charge an additional fee for a file uploaded by the user.

Adding extra options

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Apps ➝ Booking Services ➝ Service Page ➝ Extra Options ➝ Add New Item.

Extra Options

Add New Item

Adds extra service options (e.g. service components).


Adds price to an extra service option.


Makes the extra option selected by default.


Adds extra option values (e.g. breakfasts, bathrobes).


Moves items using drag & drop.


Deletes extra service options.

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