How to add a new service to the Gridbox Booking System for Joomla?

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you the process of adding a new service to your Joomla booking system based on Gridbox. Unlock the full potential of the Gridbox Joomla Booking System and provide your customers with an enriched booking experience.

Adding a new service

  1. In the Gridbox dashboard mouseover on the icon Apps ➝ Booking Services.
  2. Click on the button + Category to create a new category.
  3. Click the button Add New Item to create a new service.
  4. Fill in service details.

Basic service details

In the right sidebar add basic service details:

  • Intro Image
  • Service Title
  • Alias
  • Intro Text
  • Category
  • Tags

Booking settings

More information on how to configure booking settings can be found in the documentation:

Pricing and inventory

In Pricing and Inventory group fields you can enter the following service details:

  • Regular Price (service price)
  • Sale Price (discount price that makes the so-called strikethrough prices or cross-out prices at the frontend)
  • Prepayment (upfront payment for services by deposit during booking)
  • Badges (visual labels highlighting special offers)


For more details on how to add extra options in the Gridbox Booking System, find out the documentation:

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