How to configure booking service in Gridbox Booking System for Joomla?

Configure a booking service in the Gridbox Booking System for Joomla easily. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to ensure your clients can book your services hassle-free. Optimize your Joomla booking site by customizing booking type, time slots, duration and badges.

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Apps ➝ Booking Services ➝ click the button Add New Item to create a new service or start editing an existing one.

Booking settings

Booking type

  • Single day allows you to book services or spaces for one day, providing convenience for short events (e.g. booking a banquet hall).
  • Multiple nights allows you to book multiple nights, ideal for hotels or long-term accommodations. You can also set Min. and Max. Nights.

Type session

  • Personal session provides the ability to book individual sessions, ideal for personal consultations or one-on-one coaching.
  • Group session allows you to book services or activities for different participants on the same date and time. This means that different people or groups can independently book access to a specific event or service within the same time point.
  • Private groups allow you to book group sessions for private groups of users (e.g. group fitness classes), creating a comfortable and private space for shared participation.

Appointment time slots

The time frames available for booking by customers. This feature allows you to define specific periods during which clients can book your services.

Appointment duration

Sets the time assigned for one reservation. This option allows you to define the duration of the service or event.


  • Default allows you to use a standard duration, making it easy to configure.
  • Custom provides the ability to set up custom periods to suit your needs.

Working hours

Determine the exact time and day of the week during which service reservations or activities are available.

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