How to create and manage service badges in the Gridbox Booking System?

Badges in the Gridbox Booking System for Joomla are labels that can be used to highlight the status or characteristics of services, events or offers. This feature gives you the ability to visually highlight and categorize different services on your Joomla booking site. For example, you can use badges to highlight promotions, seasonal offers, special conditions or other important aspects, making the booking process more informative and attractive to customers. 

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Apps ➝ Booking Services ➝ click the button Add New Item to create a new service or start editing an existing one.

Assigning service badges

The Booking Services App comes with default service badges:

  • Discount Percentage (Using Regular Price and Sale Price calculates the discount percentage)
  • Sales (can be edited or deleted)
  • New (can be edited or deleted)
  • Hot (can be edited or deleted)

To assign a badge to a service click the button Add New Item.

Adding service badges

To create a new service badge, click the button Add New Item. Click the icon Edit to rename the badge or change color.

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