How to set up tax in the Gridbox Booking System?

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to set up taxes in the Gridbox Booking System so that your Joomla booking site fully complies with financial requirements. Easily set up taxes to provide transparency in the booking process for your customers.

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Store ➝ Settings ➝ Tax.

  • Some settings of Booking Services and Store App are identical. Therefore, if the Gridbox eCommerce is already set up, you do not need to set tax again


Tax Mode

Sets tax mode (Tax Inclusive or Tax Exclusive).

Taxes and Rates

Add New Item

Adds a new tax rate.


Deletes the selected tax rates.


Adds the title of the tax.


Adds the value of the tax rate in %.


Adds Country, State/Region.


Adds categories that will be assign entered tax rate.


Opens additional options (e.g. Tax on Shipping).

  • To display tax depending on the country selected by the user, add a field with the type Country to the Customer Info plugin on the Checkout page.

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