How to set up basic Joomla booking site info based on Gridbox?

Get the most out of Gridbox to create your own Joomla booking site. Gridbox Booking System provides a wide range of settings. In this guide, we'll focus on filling out the information for your Joomla booking site based on Gridbox. In General Settings, you will be able to enter key info about your booking system that will be displayed in email notifications sent to your customers (new booking confirmation and booking reminder). 

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Store ➝ Settings ➝ General.

  • Some settings of Booking Services and Store App are identical. Therefore, if the Gridbox eCommerce is already set up, you do not need to enter your business info again

Business Info

Store Name

Enter the name of your booking system.

Legal Business Name

Enter the legal business name of your booking system.


Enter the phone number of your booking system.


Enter the email address of your booking system.


Enter the country where your business is registered.


Enter the state/province in which your business is registered.​


Enter the city where your business is registered.

Street Address

Enter the street address where your business is registered.​

ZIP Code

Enter the ZIP Code.



Upload your online booking system logo.


Using Data Tags, add information about the company or individual who provided the services being invoiced.

Billed to

Using Data Tags, add information about the party or organization to whom the invoice is addressed.


Enter additional information or statements.


Minimum Order Amount

Set a minimum value that a customer must reach in their shopping cart before they can proceed to checkout.


Guest Checkout

Allows customers to reserve without creating or logging into a booking system account.


Allows customers to reserve only by logging into a booking system account.

Password Reminder

Provides users with a way to reset their forgotten password.

Username Reminder

Provides a way for users to regain access to their accounts when they can't recall their usernames.

User Registration

Displays the User Registration Form in the login form.


Adds a checkbox with Terms and Conditions. Click the Edit icon to enter text and add a link to the page with Terms and Conditions.

Facebook Login

Allows users to log in to a website using their Facebook credentials. 

Google Login

Allows users to log in to a website using their Google credentials.


Add reCAPTCHA to prevent automated bots from submitting spam.


Only For Authenticated Users

Enables a Wishlist only for authorized users.

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