How to manage custom email notifications in the Gridbox Booking System?

Set up email notifications in the Gridbox Booking System and make your Joomla booking site more personalized for your customers. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through managing email notifications in the Gridbox Joomla Booking System so you can create notifications that suit your needs and provide users with relevant information at every stage of the booking process.

The Gridbox Booking System comes with 3 system emails:

  • New Booking - a notification about a new booking is sent to the administrator. It includes key booking details and customer contact information
  • Booking Confirmation Email - an email that is sent to the customer confirming that the reservation has been successfully processed. It provides the customer with information about the booking details
  • Appointment Reminder - an email notification that allows administrators to set reminders for reservations in advance. This email notification helps prevent missed bookings and enhances customer service

In the Gridbox dashboard, mouse over the icon Store ➝ Settings ➝ Email Notifications.

Setting up email notifications

Gridbox Booking Services App provides advanced settings for custom email notifications. To set up an email notification, fill in all required fields. Use the Source button in the Text Editor to make a unique notification design.

General Settings


The name of the custom email notification. 
*  The Title field is displayed only in the Gridbox admin panel.

Send Before the Appointment

Sets a time interval between the trigger event and the actual sending of an email. This delay is defined in terms of hours or days.

Email Settings

From Name

The name that customers see when they receive an email from your booking service.

From Email

The email address from which email notifications are sent to customers.

Admins Email Addresses

Email addresses to which email notifications will be sent. You can enter one or more email addresses in the field by pressing Enter.

Email Subject

Sets the email subject (supports Data tags).

Text Editor

Edits structure of the email body (supports Data tags).

  • Don't forget to press Enter to add an email address

Fullscreen view

Open Text Editor in a lightbox to make editing email notifications comfortable. Click the icon Fullscreen at the top right.

Adding data tags

Data tags allow adding personalized information to email notifications. You can insert data tags in email notification settings (Subject and Text Editor). Click the icon Data Tags to insert data tag.

Available data tags

Store data tags

Customer data tags


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