How to create a new blog post in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

The Gridbox Blog App for Joomla allows you to create a new blog post in minutes and add content without any difficulty. This tutorial explains how to create a new blog post in the Joomla blog. Also, you’ll learn how to add plugins to the blog post, use Gridbox Advanced Editor, and change blog post settings.

Creating a new blog post

  1. Click the button Add New Item ➝ enter Page Title ➝ select Theme ➝  click the button Next.
  2. Using a built-in WYSIWYG editor, start typing and editing your blog post content.

Adding plugins

The Gridbox Blog Post Editor allows inserting any Gridbox plugin right into the blog post.

Click the icon Plus ➝ select a plugin from the opened modal window.

Gridbox advanced editor

Enable the Advanced Editor to take full advantage of the flexibility and power of Gridbox.

Click the toggle button Advanced Editor at the right top corner.

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