How to manage apps in Joomla website builder Gridbox?

Joomla website builder Gridbox comes with powerful apps that allow you to extend the Gridbox functionality. All added apps you can find on the Apps page. On the Apps page, you can manage apps - open, add new, group and delete apps.

Grouping apps

Add a few apps to group them drag one of the apps to another.

Changing the group title

Click the group name and start typing a new title.

Rearranging groups and apps

Click on the group and drag it to the desired place on the panel.

To reorder apps within a group, drag your app to the desired position within the group. Use the group window if the group contains too many apps. Click the View icon change the app order in the opened window.

Moving apps out from groups

Click the View icon to open the group window pull the app out of the group and drop it.

  • By sorting groups and apps in the Apps dashboard, you're also adjusting the display of groups and apps in the left sidebar

Deleting apps

Click the Delete icon to remove the Gridbox app.

  • Deleted apps cannot be restored. All app content will also be removed

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