Various sorting sorting items by drag and drop in content filtering.

Hi Balbooa, first of all I wanted to write that I have been working on ZeroApp all week and I must say that it is an amazing application. I have never seen such a complex CMS solution. Many thanks for your work.

Coming back to the problem, I can't understand the sorting of products in the ZeroApp panel.

I have several product categories.

1. I chose "Sorting items by drag and drop" in the panel ZeroApp
2. I chose "Sort by Custom" in category list layout
3. I manually arranged the products in the main root category: product 1, product 2, produce 3
4. In the subcategory I have products arranged: product 3, product 2, product 1

Unfortunately, on the front page (in the category list layout), if we use content filtering, the order of subcategories is omitted. You cannot have different manual ordering in the root category and subcategories.

I think this is a bug :/

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