URGENT PLS --> Sudden change / issue in Onefold theme --> navigation panel

Hello -- something is not right here -- I'm attaching a mockup of what the vertical panel navigation used to look like: when you clicked/tapped the "hamburger", the vertical offsite nav panel was "swapping" from the side overlaying the entire page, including header (see pic) -- right now, the horizontal header covers the offsite nav panel and the "hamburger" icon is inactive if you want to close it. I thought maybe that was just on my end, but Onefold template behaves the same way now (+ I have tested that on Chrome/Safari/Firefox on mac) -- I cannot pinpoint the exact time when it happened - or is it related to the Joomla 4.4.0 -- no idea... what it appears to me is some issue with z-index but I can't be 100% sure -- please help!!

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