Text Plugin - adds CSS Code

Hi Balboo,
I've noticed this bug for a long time and it can get really irritating when editing a lot text.
The symptoms are:
- when editing a text plugin through on the page (not through properties)
- when there are two adjacent paragraphs
- press the DELETE key to remove space, or to simply join the two paragraphs together
- then, additional CSS is embedded into the text

The attached image demonstrate this using the Balboa live online demo. I simply added a new text plugin, then copied and pasted the default text once, to get two paragraphs.
The images show the source before, then pressing the DELETE key at the end of the first paragraph, and the resulting source.

As I say, this bug has been around for a long time, but I've only just realised it was caused by using the DELETE key.
I'm using Chrome. In my brief testing, I believe FireFox is OK.

Many thanks

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