Please finally fix the drag in the page structure and overlay sections

These are old problems. Which is already over a year old. It occurs on any site I work with. I just tried not to use these functions. But now I tried it and immediately had problems.

For overlays it is not shown where you are dragging elements
It is very difficult to swap elements and it is easy to get into a situation like in the video, when an element simply disappears.
Also, the back-forward action history button does not work for overlays. And if you were not ready for this, it can easily ruin all your work over the past 10-15 minutes.

Page structure.
There are many options in which everything breaks to hell. It looks like this. You drag an element, but it is duplicated a random number of times and after dragging you have a mess in the structure, not every time, but very often. I just don’t use it. But every time I try there’s some kind of bug.

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