More Captcha PLEASE

Dear Balbooa Team,

We are asking again please add more Captcha possibilities, the two that are currently available are not sufficient.

1) Google has no privacy, therefore can't be used by many sites.
2) hCaptcha while seeming the better bet is bloody expensive, These are the prices they gave us last week:
•$139/month with 100K sessions/month included.
•$1188/year prepaid with 100K sessions/month included, which is effectively $99/month.

It is our opinion that Gridbox should allow all the Captcha systems that are available for Joomla. There are multiple posts about this already in the forum, and there are numerous customers from Gridbox who would like a better solution than we have currently.

Please understand, when we lease out a website for 99 euros a month it is impossible for us to say that this customer has to pay an extra 139 dollars for a captcha system or the only other alternative is to not care about privacy.

And yes, there is a free version of hCaptcha, but that version is so incomplete it is not really an option.

Please build in more Captcha options, please allow for at least one or two Joomla Captcha systems that can be hosted on the own website instead of external services.


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