Icon List - feature request

Hi Balbooa,
I find the icon list plugin very useful, especially for displaying contact information (phone icon next to phone number etc). Typically, the icon list is left aligned in a column in the footer, then for smaller screens (tablet portrait and below), the icon list needs to be centre aligned.

Unfortunately, when the icon list is centre aligned it looks untidy. Please see the attached images.

The icon list would be much more flexible if it were possible to switch the icon position "Above" the text AND for that to be configurable on a per view basis. On smaller screens, the icon list could be configured to centre the text and position the icon above the text - it would be perfect.

Then, icon list could also be used to create light weight feature-boxes, with an icon above text, without the overhead of the feature box plugin.

Could you please consider this as a future option.

Many thanks

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