(global) Library Item - clarification please

👋 -- something doesn't compute in my mind: I saved a section to library with the "global" check. I have added section to a page. and to another. and on one page I have changed the content of the item from library. No changes on the other page... Now, I'd rather have this scenario because sometimes some element needs to be changed on specific page and having the library option behaving similar to the page blocks is a good thing.

However, this brings two questions forward: (1) what is the procedure and expectations of the library item saved with the global option; (2) and this one bugs me the most: if I want to update the library item, how do i do that? I'm guessing it would be to delete the library item and save the modified version... but naturally, I'd expect an option to update (or override) the item ... but maybe there are other aspects that I don't take into consideration... please advise -- thank you!!

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