Signup Genius API Integration

I am trying to setup a gridbox page to show the results of a signup form that is created in Signup Genius. They provide an API to display it on the website, but I cannot figure out where to put it. Here is the sample they provide. Part one provides a sample API token of sorts. The 2nd part is the GET information to display the form content. Is this something that can be done, and if so do you have an example of how I can do this with Gridbox?
Part 1
curl -X GET --header "Accept: application/json" ""

Part 2
"data": {
"customquestions": [
"customfieldid": 0,
"title": "string"
"signups": [
"address1": "string",
"address2": "string",
"amountpaid": "string",
"city": "string",
"country": "string",
"customfields": [
"customfieldid": 0,
"value": "string"
"enddate": 0,
"enddatestring": 0,
"endtime": 0,
"firstname": "string",
"signupid": 0,
"item": "string",
"lastname": "string",
"myqty": 0,
"phone": "string",
"phonetype": "string",
"startdate": 0,
"startdatestring": 0,
"starttime": 0,
"state": "string",
"status": "string",
"zipcode": "string",
"itemmemberid": 0,
"slotitemid": 0
"message": [
"success": false

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