RSS feed for a gridbox apps

👋 while looking for solutions, I spotted in the archives a post from Aug 2023 regarding RSS availability. I have also created another topic asking how can I syndicate new content (blog, etc.) into social media.

What I'm looking for is a way to syndicate blog, news or any content created on the website into social media or, in this case, in format of RSS (which, taking this route, may help to utilize automation of systems like zappier or make to push the content to social media accordingly).

I scanned few extensions for joomla but in the first look, they will not support the content created with gridbox. I don't know enough to express my opinion related to the technical portion of it - but I think I will not be alone, saying that ability to create the RSS feed would be most welcome enhancement of the gridbox functionality. Now: maybe there are different ways to automatically push newly created content to social - and if that's the case, I'm all ears :)

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