Joomla AND Gridbox -- a bit confused...

👋 -- I've created a separate topic, although some of the thoughts are somewhat related to my last two posts ( and

(1) I've noticed that articles created under Joomla Content Articles and then assigned to any Gridbox theme (via menu item), appearing just fine in the front-end. It may looks like a "duh" discovery, but I was under the impression, seeing the option in Gridbox to "import your Joomla content..." that this is not possible, or, at least not recommended. But is it?
If I can create articles just as fine via Joomla Articles and connect them to the chosen theme in Gridbox, then theoretically, I could create a menu as Joomla Articles > Category Blog, assign Gridbox theme and then - if we're talking about the RSS - utilize available Joomla plugins/components that work with Joomla (but will not work with Gridbox) ...
But that's just only one scenario that has appeared to me ...
and then of course my thinking can be flawed (and I know the answer to the category blog)
So: to get to the questioning:
(a) is there case that one using the gridbox, should not create articles in joomla system and link them to the gridbox theme?
(b) shouldn't I be able to use the gridbox (as per the definition: joomla website builder toolkit) natively using joomla articles at the core?

(2) Forms: oh boy... --> yes, all looks great, and perhaps my pit peeve is with the current documentation, rather than forms itself: I just can't find straight 1-2-3 steps to learn about the forms - the documentation today is so scattered and overly clickable that it's very frustrating to keep track if someone wants to learn something from scratch. You know, like the the methodology of learning, or even a table of contents that is organized to learn from A to Z...
In my previous post I've mentioned about attempt to implement AcyMailing with no success - that means, I see all checkpoints checked, but I do not see the form syncing with AcyMailing subscriptions... I know I'm not detailing the problem but rather venting - and I apologize, it was a long day :)

(3) Just out of (my client's) curiosity: will Gridbox be available for WordPress? Here is another battle that I hear now more often than I'd like from mainstream small business world - they (prefer? want? [but why?]) WordPress websites -- and there is one point that I would concur with them: it's much easier to find WP developer than Joomla dev. Now, I don't want to open the Pandora box on this topic (that's better suited in a gasthaus over a pint :)) just curious of the reasoning.

Thanks for putting up with me :) -- best!

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