Image - absolute position - z-index incorrect

Hi Balbooa,
I wanted to add a quote image behind the testimonial element. So I set the image to Absolute position, and set the z-index = 1 and the Testimonial z-index = 2.
However, the quote image remained on top. Looking at the markup, I see the z-index of the quote = 12. If I changed the z-index to 3, the markup became 13 etc.
So it appears "10" is being added to the z-index? Please see images. This appears to be a bug.

Secondly, I even when I set the z-index on the testimonial, no z-index was added to the markup. Is this because the position = default?

So currently, I will add custom CSS to move image z-index = -1, but could you please take a look.


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