Feature requests: The ability to add pages to categories. And copy specific settings in the editor.

Hey great Balbooa team,

I hope everyone is safe and having a great week. We at LoginSecure are having an absolute blast with Gridbox and working with it is such a huge difference in comparison with our previous pagebuilder. (not going to name names, but it was bad.)

But while working with Gridbox a person inevitable comes to items that he/she thinks 'hey, this might be even better or this could be better'.

With that in mind, I would like to request 2 new features.

Feature 1: We would love to have the ability to save Pages from the Pages App into categories/folders. It does not have to have implications with the frontend of the website, but with websites that have over 20 pages, it becomes tedious to scroll through the list. Especially with websites that have over 100 pages, like our own website.

I am going to give examples from our own website, but we also have this issue with client websites. We are not just trying to make it better for us alone :-)

For instance, we have an introduction page for our website lease package and our custom-made design. If we call both page's introduction, then we need to open the settings to check the alias to find out which one we need. So we resolve this currently to name the pages.
Website Lease - Introduction
Custom Made - Introduction

Whenever we create another page for the custom-made area of our website, we prefix the name then with "Custom Made - "
Then we can search for Custom Made - in the search box but that (it is nitpicking) requires us to type, while if we could put things in folders it would be a simple double click.

Feature 2: This is about the editor. In the editor it is possible to for instance 'Copy Style' which works great, but I would like the ability to have more copy functions like:
- only copy all margin & paddings from one item to another
- only copy all colour settings from one item to another
- only copy all font settings from one item to another

Use case: You have 3 buttons on a page but all of them have different colours, and you want to change the font sizes for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile. Then currently you copy the style and paste this into the other 3 buttons then you have to open 2 op the buttons to once again set the correct colour for normal viewing, set it for hover, and then you have to go to the other tab to do the same for normal viewing border colour and hover view border colour.
If we could copy all font settings and paste these to existing items then it would have been a matter of seconds instead of quite quickly a minute.

Another use case: You modify a webpage that have 2 sections where one have the better colours and the other you want to change it but both of them have specific font settings and margins & padding. Currently, you have to open the item and then change the colour for all items you assigned a colour to. Not difficult and not a huge amount of work, but still a lot more than just copy colour settings - paste colour settings.

I think these 3 extra copy settings would cover most of the items that we come across every day working with Gridbox and would make it even more enjoyable.

Another option would be to have a switch in the header of the editor called something like "Custom Style Copy" when switched on each setting or group of settings then has a checkbox and the user can then exactly select what items need to be copied when clicking 'Copy Style' but I can imagine that this is a big hell to build into the amazing Gridbox.

Anyway, please let me know what you think and if you want me to supply you with some images to better explain it, then I will be more than willing to make those.

With regards,
LoginSecure - Elmer

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