Category List Layout - display Category-specific content


I have dance courses in a Zero App with different styles (ballroom, hip-hop, salsa, rock'n'roll ...) as categories. Take salsa as an example. You can choose salsa from the Main Menu, which brings you to the Category List page for Salsa. This page is defined by the "Category List Layout", os each Category List Page looks exactly the same, only the items listed are different.

How can I put Salsa-specific content on this page ??? The only way I know is to fill the Description field in the Salsa Category Settings, but even if it is formatted nicely in the Description field (see pic), it get displayed as simple text (without styles) on the Salsa Category page (see pic).
So maybe, there is a way to display a Section in the Category List Layout only for specific category/categories?
It would be heavily needed, as there are lot of salsa-specific information which should be shared on the salsa page, but on on the rock'n'roll page. And it's also needed to have a better ranging in Google.

Thanks for an advice!!!


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