Explain please what does the Search Plugin actually searches for and what is it ignoring and why is it ignoring vital parts?.

We're currently in the process of establishing a website featuring both a comprehensive knowledge base and a sophisticated web store. Given the extensive range of options available on both platforms, a robust search system is imperative for ensuring user satisfaction.

Our initial research led us to explore the capabilities of the Gridbox search system, sparking considerable enthusiasm within our team. However, we've encountered a setback in its functionality, which is rather disappointing.

It has come to our attention that the Gridbox search system primarily focuses on scouring through product titles and other associated applications. This raises concerns as it appears to overlook crucial elements such as tags, categories, filters, and product options.

To illustrate, consider a scenario where a customer is searching for a "blue sedan" on our automotive web store. Presently, the system necessitates an exact match with a product title like "blue sedan" for it to appear in search results. This limitation forces us into a predicament where we must compromise on crafting elegant and descriptive product titles, resorting instead to cumbersome combinations like "brandname + carname + color variation + car type."

This approach seems inherently flawed, especially when considering that the product may possess relevant tags such as "blue" and "sedan," or include options like "color: blue" and "vehicle type: sedan," or even belong to the category "vehicle type: sedan."

Consequently, we are left questioning whether there is an issue with the system's configuration or if the Gridbox search plugin is still in developmental stages, lacking the sophistication required for efficient e-commerce operations. It's evident that for us to construct truly exceptional web stores, the search functionality must encompass these essential components.

We remain optimistic that these concerns can be addressed, either through enhancements to the existing system or alternative solutions, to ensure an optimal user experience on our platform.

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