Store - PayPal problems

Hi Balbooa,
A customer store went live a few hours ago, but the first few purchases failed. At the moment, it looks like the customers couldn't progress past the "PayPal" and "Debit and Credit Card" buttons, as the loader appeared and then nothing happened. However, I see two orders created within Gridbox?

While I gather more further details on these attempted orders so I can investigate further, can you please tell me:

1) When the PayPal / Debit and Credit Card buttons appear for the customer to select, is Gridbox displaying the buttons (are you calling / waiting for the PayPal API at this point) or is PayPal displaying these buttons (i.e. the customer is within the PayPal system at this point)?

2) Are there any logs on the Gridbox side, which will help me diagnose what happened?

3) Which PayPal service is Gridbox using, PayPal Standard checkout?

I've had to close the website down until I can get to the bottom of the problem.

I will need to talk to PayPal, but I wanted to understand as much as possible from the Gridbox side first.

Many thanks

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