Product Variants separate URLS

I've got a question about the e-commerce extension.

Is there any way how to create separate links for product variants so that it could be more SEO-friendly?

Let's say we have one product family ABC2000, inside this product we have 4 models ABC 2010, ABC 2020, ABC 2110, ABC 2220.

We can pick each product variant, however, the link stays the same:
and variants are created with a key attached to the group url like: etc.

I guess it is also related to the search module.

Without it, it isn't easy to use the built-in search to find certain product variants, as it is simply not available in search results (I'm referring to the internal search component on our website, not an external search engine). We would have to use phrase as a product group, so ABC2000 instead ABC2010 which we are looking for.
So to sum up Is it possible to change the configuration so it would work that way?
If there is no such option, would it be possible to add it somehow?

Thanks in advance.

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