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Hey Balbooa Team,

When setting up Product Options and adding those to the "Options" field, it creates variations. Now for a specific webshop we are building we need to create filters with 100s of options. We first tried using the default options field, as this also creates the filters. But having 100s of options and that for multiple filters quickly creates the need for millions of variations which freezes the entire application which is to understand. Not a problem at all.

So when we add these product options to the "Extra Options" area (see ep1.png) there are no variations, and we can simply set everything to 0 and be done with it.

Then on the front-page by default it looks like ep2.png, but with some custom code we can make this work.

Now we were excited to see that we could add these extra options also to the content filter plugin, exactly creating what we need to have, see ep3.png.

So we now expected to see on the category front-pages to have the extra options to be also in the filter because we just added it in the backend, but it only shows the title. See ep4.png.

Thank you for looking into this, and I am hopeful for a faster reply than the last posts.

With regards,

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