Problems with the store

We launch the online store and load the goods.
In this regard, we encountered problems.

1. Importing 12,000 products took about 60 minutes and in the end only 8,000 products were loaded. Incredibly slow import.
2. The import/export system does not provide data updates based on the SKU, which is discouraging. It requires an ID from me to update (why???) why can’t I select the column for reconciliation. In 99% of stores, this is an article(SKU) because you purchase goods from suppliers and this is the main element that allows you to navigate the goods.
3.Exporting 1000 products took 10 minutes....
It is incredibly difficult to run a store with such productivity.
4. The documentation states that the separator for product images is ;
but in fact it is mandatory to have a space after the ; otherwise everything will be wrong.
5. With a relatively large number of goods, the admin panel starts to work very slowly.
6. In the trash is not button to clear all the trash, you need to manually delete 100 items. Also in the shop is not possible to quickly delete large amounts of goods.

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