Only show possible shipping options at the checkout

Hello awesome Balbooa Team,

I set up the shipping cost by weight and have to different shipping fees depending on the weight. The moment I have so much weight on my items in the shopping cart that I need the more expensive shipping costs the other option shows 0,00 € as that it is a not possible option.
But customers do not understand that they can't choose it as an option for a free shipping - do I have the possibility that it is not displayed at all?

So If I have shipping fee 1 for less than 1 kg and shipping fee 2 for more than 1 kg:
I would like that it shows only shipping fee 2 if the item has more than 1 kg.

Now it shows me also shipping fee 1 but with the fee of 0,00 €

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

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