Image Upload issue Ecommerce Store

Hi. Where are the files that are uploaded in the gridbox store app stored? We have a number of submissions that show the file name but when we click to download the image it says "File wasn't available on site". This just started happening as files were uploading fine before and when they are available on the site they show a thumbnail of the image next to the file name but the ones that are not showing the thumbnail says the file is not available. But when the customer ordered they had to upload an image in order to check out so I need to figure out where these images are. I uploaded two screenshots. One that shows the greyed out file that won't download and one that shows the thumbnail and the file does download.
I also discovered that if a person does not upload an image they are not able to check out which is the correct behavior but if they try to upload a file and get an error message because the file was too big or ran into other issues uploading it will allow them to check out even though they have not succesfully uploaded a file. I can make a loom video to send you privatly if you need more clarification. Basically they should not be able to check out without a sucessful upload. Also can't figure out where these missing files are located ... it has the file name so they did upload a file. Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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