How i can avoid store duplicates

I'm making a large store with different categories and several languages. A problem arises with how to create product characteristics and filters for them.

For example, I have a field and filter “manufacturers” and there are more than 50 different ones.
in category 1 - 10 of them
in category 2 - 15 of them
and in category 3 - 25 of them.

If I add this to the product layout, and then in the filters, then in any category I will see all 50 manufacturers, which is absurd.

The logic moves towards creating a copy of the store, but in the end I will have 12 stores (for each category) in only 1 language (there will be 3). What if suddenly I need to make 1 small edit from the client, then I will have to make this edit 36 times. What if there are more edits...

Sounds like a disaster...

Maybe I don't understand something correctly or am using something wrong? help me figure out how to do it right

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