Booking system - booking days

Hi Guys,

I faced a weird problem with the superb booking component and I'm greatful for any technical support.

As you can see on the attached screenshots I made a test booking for 26th, 10 AM (screenshot 1).

On the checkout page the date is still okay (screenshot 2) and is confirmed.

In admin - Calendar if I choose weekly view, it seems okay (screenshot 3).

When I choose the monthly view in the Calendar, first thing is the dates and the days are shown wrong (26th should be a Tuesday but here it is a Monday) and my booking from the 26th goes to the next day, 27th (screenshot 4).

When I open the booking (from 27th) in the details it shows me the correct date: 26th, 10 AM (screenshot 5).


I go back to the frontend and try to make a booking for 26th 10 AM and the time slot is still available (screenshot 6), AND

when I choose the next day (27th), the time slot is not there, shows me that there is a booking that supposed to be a day earlier (screenshot 7).

Thanks in advance,

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