Booking App: Group session - places/seats/spots left

Hallo Guys,

Just want to say that I love the new App and the potential is amazing!

I have a request and hopefully it is already in your list. I have a client that runs a tour operation company that take people out on trips. It is an open group and any one can book for the group time. It would however be very useful if one could see how many places are available/left to book. If 4 places are booked out 7 for example, the client at this moment has to go to each timeslot and pick to see how many is left. This will make it extremely frustrating for clients. If they could see immediately how many places are available - then they can just pick the best suited from the start. I have added an image of the idea.

I hope it makes sense and that it would be a great function to the booking app.

Kind Regards

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