👋 Welcome message and Community guidelines

Hi there 👋

We are very excited to introduce you to our new community forum. What makes us proud? Because everything you see here is based on Gridbox. This forum is based on Gridbox, and it's incredible 🔥🤘😎

Here below there should be a list of some rules like don't spam, be patient, respect other forum members, etc. These are standard guidelines from the Internet on how to introduce a new forum and write a welcome message 🥱😴

Honestly, we've always been very proud of the Balbooa community and we don't remember any difficulties happening on our support forum.

Just three things:

🙅‍♂️ Do not post any access data here, this is a public place. For sending access data, use our contact form → Technical Support

🌎 Write posts only in English. This is simply to ensure that all members can read the questions and answers. It makes life easier for everyone.

🚫 Technical support is only available on the support forum. Emails with technical questions will receive standard responses: “We provide technical support only on the community forum.”

Let's communicate like we did before 🤗
With respect and love to all Balbooa community members ✊🥰

🧐 The old forum is still available for viewing. Just click on the "Archive" menu at the top.

Many thanks,
Balbooa team

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