Firstly, the grid box system is excellent, it really is the best system for Joomla that I know, congratulations to the Balbooa team, and thank you very much.

If you allow me, I would like to suggest some things that arose from my needs and that might also be useful for other users.

1 – Sticky Header
The Sticky head could also be attached without disappearing, and could be attached to the bottom of the page. I felt the need to make a menu in the footer, like in streaming apps. It would be interesting if it could be fixed to the footer of the page, always visible.

2 - Submenu opening upwards:
The submenus only open downwards, it would be interesting for them to also open upwards, in a footer menu that is always fixed at the bottom, it would be interesting for the menu to open upwards, since if it opens downwards it will not appear.

3 - Category Layout for Zero App:
There is customization of the article page and the general category page, but I miss being able to create a layout for each of the categories within the zero app. And I would like to create a layout for each of the categories so that, on each category page, I can add unique elements.

4 - Layout of each single page of each category for zero app:
The same for the layout of the pages for each category, the single page layouts. It would be interesting to put a single layout so that the pages of each article in a category can load for example a "latest articles" from the same category which is the open article, in the current single page layout, if I put a last articles I have to put it in the root category and I can't filter and leave it customized in each category.

Thank you very much for listening to us and always updating and bringing unique features to Grid Box.

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