So Annual Renewal is $358?

I would like to just share some thoughts.
I absolutely get people have to make money, that's what you run a business for at the end of the day.

When I first started out with you a few years ago I believe I started on $130 for a subscription, then it went to $250? Now it's $358.

This SAME thing happened with JoomDev who ended up screwing over hundreds and hundreds of subscribers (I am not suggesting you will at all here), we were assured everything was fine and that the price increases were because there's not as many Joomla users so they needed to make money. It ended up causing massive friction between the creators of JoomDev and they literally just shutdown one day, no explanation, dropped everyone. All the money we paid supporting the business and growth of it was just gone, they put the prices sky high by the end of it and it literally meant, for me personally, that ALL my client sites using JD Builder had zero support, the sites became unsupported, endless issues and at MY cost I had to totally rebuild ALL my client sites.

Now, I currently have a fair few sites built on Balbooa and I can absolutely assure you that by purchasing an annual subscription it leaves my business in negative equity. Your new annual pricing means that basically any small amount of profit I was making from monthly hosting fees (a percentage for our Balbooa subscription accounted for) means we would be running at a loss!

Basically it's now $30 a month and on top of Christmas, new kit and servers even with (today black friday) this isn't an option for me.

You guys have been amazing and you're ongoing roadmap has been great but I fear I have no choice and it looks like I am going to have to see how far I get until my client sites can run while I yet again have to look at rebuilding on something else more sustainable and affordable.

Sorry but I feel this is heading down a familiar road and I just can't warrant a $358 a year outlay for a system that's still in a relatively early development phase.

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