Gallery in Album-mode crashes at 1930 images in a album


I've got, since serveral days, a problem with the bagallery 2.3.6 under Joomla 5.0.1.
I've got 1 main album, in which I've got 3 sub-albums. In these sub-albums, I've got several sub-sub-albums.
And here come the problem, with 1929 pictures everything works fine. When I loadup 1 more picture, the whole album crahses, that means, that when I reload the page and open the sub-album, the gallery shows me the last picture I uploaded, when I close this picture, I get back to this sub-sub-album, but I can't go back to the overview of the sub-album.
That what I don't understand is, when this site was joomla 3.x everything worked fine, a other site of me, there I've got more then 10.000 pictures in the gallery (joomla 4.4.1 with bagaller 2.3.4)
Could you please help me ?

Best regards,

Stefan Paul

P.S. Thx God that Akeeba exists

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