Issue with Forms and Captcha Integration

Hello Balbooa Support Team,

I am reaching out to seek assistance with an issue I've encountered using the "Forms" on my Joomla website. The problem arises specifically when integrating Google reCAPTCHA V2 or the Invisible reCAPTCHA V2 with the forms I've created using your add-on.

After setting up a form with either version of Google reCAPTCHA (V2 or Invisible V2), the submit button ceases to function. This means that users are unable to submit their forms, effectively halting any interaction. Intriguingly, when the reCAPTCHA is disabled or removed from the form, the submit button works perfectly, and forms can be submitted without any issues.

I have double-checked the reCAPTCHA keys in Joomla's configuration, and to the best of my knowledge, they are correctly set up. This leads me to believe the issue might be specifically related to the integration between your Forms add-on and Google's reCAPTCHA service.

Could you please provide guidance or a potential solution to this problem? Any tips on troubleshooting this issue or updates on potential fixes would be greatly appreciated.

You can track the issue here:

Thank you!

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