IDEA: Label and Admin name

I have an idea to give fields two separate names. When I use a placeholder and want to hide the label, managing conditional logic later on results in no names being present. Additionally, the lack of a label is also noticeable in the sent message.

I understand this might be a bit complicated, but I believe in your capabilities. My suggestion is to have two fields: "Label" and "Name," where filling in the "Label" field automatically populates the "Name" field by default. However, filling in only the "Name" field leaves the "Label" field empty. This way, if a user defines only a "Name," the "Label" field does not appear.

I know you can set the label size to 0 globally, but then it's impossible to choose individual fields with a label.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe a toggle in the field options for "Show Label" would suffice... would that be a solution?

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