Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'setData')

I have already accepted that when working on localhost (OpenServer 5.4.2) php 8.0, when using forms, I encounter the inability to edit the "submit" and "Accept Terms" fields. When you click on the edit icon, the settings window simply does not open. Before that, I just transferred the finished site to the hosting, and there I made the necessary changes to the submit button and the user agreement. I've done the same thing now, but on this hosting ( ) the problem persists in the forms. I get the following error in the console when I click on the pencil:

ba-admin.js?2.2.1:4515 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'setData')
at app.updateEditorInput (ba-admin.js?2.2.1:4515:25)
at setFieldValues (ba-admin.js?2.2.1:3875:17)
at app.showSubmitEditor (ba-admin.js?2.2.1:3972:5)
at app.showFieldSettings (ba-admin.js?2.2.1:3037:30)
at ba-admin.js?2.2.1:2315:21

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