A few thoughts on Forms

I think I'm pretty good at building a form now, including the necessary logics.

And I also think that if a few (minor) changes could be made, the form could become even better.

For example, the fields are missing some kind of Admin-label. See the picture. If I have to adjust this form in one year, I will no longer know how the logics work. It then becomes quite a search. So an Admin label would be a nice feature to show in the fields but also in the logics.

And, when you bulk add options, there is no way to remove the options if you made a mistake. Now you have to remove the whole field and create it again. When adding bulk options, it would be nice to set the condition to default "Equal to" or "Not equal to" or one of the other options.

And, but I think it is maybe to difficult, create a condition with "OR", and then some new conditions.
So, if name is filled and address is filled OR persons = no, and then the action.
Because this is missing in the forms, I had to create a massive list of logics to get it working.
The logics in the image are only half of the complete list.

Regards, Peter

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