Forms not sending any emails or backend submissions despite success message on frontend

This is really an extension of an earlier ticket

The client really wants a country filtered autocomplete address field in their form before going live so I have attempted to do this via a custom HTML field and a third-party service provider.

On the frontend everything seems to work fine with the field autocompleting with a New Zealand/regional address selection. Success message appears, but no backend submissions received or client/admin messages received either.

I am developing a Joomla 5 site, but the submissions were working prior to doing the attempted customisation with the HTML field.

I have attached some screenshots of custom HTML and JS code used.

Also edited the .htaccess file to:
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
(suggested by the hosting provider)

Do you have any ideas about what might need to be done to make this work?

Thank you.

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