Form Issue - From email: Default vs Customer Email

Hi Balbooa,
Can you please explain the difference between "Default" vs "Customer Email" for the Forms "From email" setting?

I want to ensure form emails are reliably received by my clients. So I have:
- Configured Joomla mail, with an email account using SMTP and authentication.
- this mail account has DKIM and SPF records
- I've tested sending email through Joomla, everything works
- used a simple contact form (message, name, phone, email)
- checked the email field is of Email type
- set the From email to: Default

Using the above settings, emails are delivered correctly on multiple tests. I can see the email being saved within Gridbox forms, and I can see the email being logged at the email host.
However, if I change From email to "customer email" - the email is never received. To keep the test reliable, I use the same information in the contact form, e.g. using the same email in the "email" field etc

For the "Customer Email" setting, I do see the email saved in the Gridbox database, but it's never logged as being sent at the email host (which is should be as I'm using authenticated SMTP details). As noted above, when set to "Default", the outbound email is correctly logged at the email host.

Can you please explain what the difference between "Default" and "customer email" is, and why the latter reliably fails?

I will be shortly trying the same with another of my domains to verify this behaviour is across sites.

Many thanks

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