Next Allowed Without Honouring Mandatory Fields

I have a large form with a lot of conditional logic.
The logic all worked fine until I added more pages.

The logic is supposed to take them to the next pages Annexures A, B and C if they click yes to certain questions.
If they click NO to certain questions, it shows a different check box at the bottom and moves them to the last page (Declaration) which works fine and this was always working okay before these new annexure page.

The problem comes in on the Annexure C (Page 16). If they DON’T need to fill it (click no) OR the click the box to say they don’t need it, it should take them to the last page (Declaration).
This is NOT working. I have tried several different rules to make this work and I have added and removed so many rules. It works on all other pages where I set this up before.
I have tried making fields mandatory on that page and setting the rules. I have tried taking off automatic page navigation and putting it back on.
No matter what I do, if they click NEXT, it goes to the next page, regardless of the mandatory fields and it should jump to the last Declaration page.

I am attaching a screenshot just to show some rule variations but I have spent over a day with different rules and removed and re-added it.

Also attached is a screenshot showing that fields are mandatory. Why is it allowing me to even continue to the next page if fields are mandatory?

I have several other conditional page moves with no problem but I have having a problem in 2 different forms now and I am confused.
If anyone could shed some light, I would be happy to send the xml form to look at.

Note to Support: the form is very large and takes nearly 1 minute to save.

Thank you

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