Multi page form styling & layout

Hi there! I have a few questions on styling & layout of my multi page form.
Could be please guide me on how to do the following?
1. Move the Next button to middle of page
2. Move the Back button to top left of page
3. Edit text in button from "Next" to an arrow ">" in text or image
4. Edit text in button from "Back" to "Edit Previous"
5. Add padding around one particular text area box only (currently when I try to add padding, it affects all fields)
7. Customize error message for Email text field. i.e. instead of "This field is required", it will say "Enter a valid email address"
8. Change color of label to red if required field is not filled.
9. Set font style for content of one particular text area box only.
10. Have unique styling for certain labels only.
Thank you in advance!

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