CSS Code is deleted in Forms

Hey guys

i would like to add a css code to my form to edit the color of the radio buttons and checkboxes:

body .ba-form-acceptance-field label.ba-form-checkbox > span,
body .ba-form-field-item .ba-form-checkbox-wrapper label.ba-form-checkbox > span {
background: rgb(255 255 255);

body .ba-form-poll-field .ba-form-checkbox-wrapper .ba-form-radio span:before,
body .ba-cart-row-content .ba-form-radio span:before,
body .ba-form-radio-field .ba-form-checkbox-wrapper .ba-form-radio span:before {
background: rgb(255 255 255);

But when i save it, leave the form and open it again, the css code is no more there?


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